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Kid's Box 6 ( KB6 )

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Kid's Box 6 Text ( KB6_Text )



DAN: Hi, Shari. How are you?

SHARI: Hi, Dan. I’m fine, thanks. Where’s Alvin?

DAN: I don’t know. He isn’t here.

SHARI: That’s strange. It’s quarter past ten. He’s late.

SHARI: Where is he? It’s twenty-five past ten. The game starts in five minutes.

DAN: Wait a minute. I’ve got a text message on my mobile. It’s from Alvin. ‘Come to my house quickly. Very
important. ’

SHARI: Very important! Come on then. Let’s go.

NARRATOR: Internet Magazine Competition. Prize: New computers for your school. Write for the international
school ezine.

ALVIN: Look at this. There’s a new ezine competition on the Internet.

SHARI: There’s a prize for the best school ezine in the country.

DAN: Yeah! And the winners can write for the international school ezine next year.

ALVIN: Hey! Let’s write something for it and try and get some new computers for our school.

SHARI: Why don’t we do our first ezine article on technology?

DAN: Great idea, Shari. That sounds very exciting!



NARRATOR: School play. The Lion King. Actors needed.
Auditions-Wednesday 3.45.

DAN: I want to be an actor. I’m going to go to the audition.

SHARI: Yeah, that’s a good idea. You love acting.

ALVIN: Which part are you going to do in your audition?

DAN: I want to be Rafiki, the clever momkey.

SHARI: Yeah.

DAN: Emm.

NARRATOR: Wednesday afternoon.

DAN: Er…This baby lion, Simba, is going to be errr…the King of the Animals.

SHARI: The King of the Beasts.

DAN: Oh, yes!…is going to be…the King of the Beasts.

TEACHER: I’m sorry, Dan. We aren’t going to choose you for the monkey, but we have got another part for you if
you’re interested.

DAN: Really? Thanks very much.

ALVIN: So, are you going to be in the play, Dan?

DAN: Oh, yes. I’ve got a part. I’m going to be a…singing tree!

ALVIN: Oh, dear. So you aren’t going to be a famous actor.

DAN: No. I’m going to be a famous writer, starting with that international ezine! So what are we going to write
about this time?

SHARI: Well, not The Lion King!

ALVIN: No, but there are some older stories about other really exciting beasts. Let’s do that!



DAN: What are you doing, Shari?

SHARI: I’m making a rocket. Look, it’s almost finished.

ALVIN: Wow! That’s the transport of the future. Soon there won’t be any buses or cars—we’ll all travel by air.

DAN: Or we’ll walk.

DAN: Will it fly?

SHARI: I’m sure it will. Watch.

ALVIN: You only need to put a little of this in the water and it’ll fly.

DAN AND SHARI: Wow, it’s so cool!

ALVIN: How far will it go?

SHARI: It won’t go very far.

DAN: Do you think it’ll hit a window?

SHARI: Er, sorry, Mum. I think I’ll get some more information about rockets next time.

DAN: Well, now we’ve got something to write about for the ezine!

ALVIN: Yeah, transport of the future.



DAN: What’s the matter with your arm?

ALVIN: I broke it last Saturday.

SHARI: How did that happen?

ALVIN: Well…On Saturday morning, my dad and I were walking up a really big hill. What an adventure!

ALVIN: I was jumping over a rock when I fell.

SHARI: So…were you playing when you broke your arm?

ALVIN: No, I wasn’t playing, and that wasn’t when I broke my arm.

ALVIN: We were in the wood and we had to cross a really fast river. We were walking across the bridge when I put
my foot through a hole and fell again.

DAN:And that’s how you broke your arm!


ALVIN: When I got home, I was standing on one leg to take my dirty boots off and…I fell over.

DAN AND SHARI:And that’s how you broke your arm!

ALVIN: Yeah!

SHARI: You call that an adventure!

ALVIN: Yeah. OK, so let’s write about some real adventures, then!



TEACHER: As part of our international food project, we’ll make Tarte Tatin nextWednesday afternoon.

DAN: What’ll we make?

SHARI: Tarte Tatin. That’s apple cake in French.

DAN: Oh, OK.

TEACHER: So, decide in your groups: who’s going to bring the apples, the flour and the sugar. You’ll need to
bring enough apples to cover the base…

NARRATOR: It’s Wednesday afternoon.

SHARI: OK, Let’s see what we’ve got. I’ve got a big bag of apples.

DAN: And I’ve got two bags. I think we’ve got too many apples.

ALVIN: Look, we’ve got three kilos of sugar too. We’ve got too much!

DAN: Have we got enough flour? I’ve got a little.

SHARI: Er, I haven’t got any flour.

ALVIN: I haven’t got any flour either.

DAN: Oh, dear. We haven’t got enough flour.

ALVIN: There’s only one egg, so we haven’t got enough eggs either.

SHARI: We’ve got too much sugar and too many apples. We haven’t got enough flour or eggs. What shall we do?

DAN: Well, we can’t make anything for the international food project, but we can write about it in our ezine.



SHARI: Have you thought of anything for our ezine this month?

DAN: No, nothing.

ALVIN: We’ve talked about ideas for three days and we still haven’t chosen a project.

DAN: Let’s not talk about that now. Let’s enjoy our day at the beach.

DAN: Is that a whale?

ALVIN: Excuse me, what’s happening over there?

WOMAN: They’ve found a dolphin on the beach. The rescue people have been here since ten o’clock. They think
it’s lost its mother.

DAN: So what have the rescue people done to help it?

WOMAN:Look, they’ve moved it onto that big cloth like a blanket and they’ve put water on it because it mustn’t
get dry.

ALVIN: I’ve never seen a dolphin before. Has it been on the sand for a long time?

MAN: Yes, it has. It’s been here for about three hours.


DAN: Has it eaten anything?

MAN: No, it hasn’t.

SHARI: But look what the rescue people are doing now!

SHARI: Miss Jones, look! They’ve pulled the dolphin back out to sea.

DAN: Phew! They’ve rescued it!

MISS JONES: Oh! That’s good. How exciting!

ALVIN: Yes.…now we’ve got something to write about for our ezine. Sea life!




DAN: I’ve bored. Everything ‘s wet outside. I want to play football, but there’s nowhere to play.

ALVIN: Yeah, and there’s nothing to do here in the classroom.

SHARI: So we need to think of something, don’t we?

ALVIN: I’ve got an idea.We haven’t tried table tennis…

SHARI: We haven’t got anywhere to play table tennis in the classroom, Alvin!

DAN: Yes, we have!We’ve got everything we need. Books, desks and a ball!

SHARI: We’ve invented a great game.

ALVIN: Yeah, it’s fun. Does anyone else want to play?

GIRL: Yes, I do. Can I hit the ball?

DAN: Yeah, sure. Oh, look! Someone’s coming.

TEACHER: That’s a strange hobby. I’m sorry, but you can’t play it here. Go outside, everyone! Find somewhere
else to play, please. It’s stopped raining now.

SHARI: Come on, then. Here, catch, Alvin!

ALVIN: Ouch! Now we’ve got something to write about! Different hobbies!



DAN: What are you going to wear to the school disco on Friday?

ALVIN: Hmm, I don’t know. I might wear jeans and a T-shirt or I might wear a shirt.What about you?

DAN: I can’t decide.

ALVIN: That looks OK, Dan.

DAN: Yeah, but I think it may look better with a jacket.

ALVIN: Yeah, but it isn’t cold. I might not wear a jacket.

SHARI: Come on! Hurry up! You both look great.

DAN: Yeah, I feel like a rock star!

ALVIN: Yes, and you look like one. Let’s go inside.

MR PARKER: You may want to put your jacket over there. Nice shirt, Dan.

DAN: Er, thanks, Mr. Parker.

ALVIN: Well, Dan, you might feel like a rock star, but you look like a teacher.

SHARI: As you’re so interested in clothes and fashion, Dan, maybe we should write something on it for the ezine?



ALVIN: Shari, have you found any good photos?

SHARI: I’ve already found four, but I need two more. Have you written the article on Mexico yet?

ALVIN: I’ve started it, but I haven’t finished it yet.

DAN: Alvin! Quick!

ALVIN: I’ve just tidied my desk. Be careful! I haven’t saved the article yet.

DAN: They’ve just given the names of the competition winners. They are on the web.

DAN: Got it! Right. Here’s the ezine website.

SHARI: So…have we won?

ALVIN: I can’t see anything.

DAN: Look, we have to click that window. Alvin, leave your pencils and click the mouse.

DAN: Look, it says England! We’ve won!

ALVIN: Yesss!

DAN: Alvin—your pencils! You’ve just tidied them.

ALVIN: Pencils? What pencils? We’ve just won ten new computers for our school.

SHARI: Who else has won?

ALVIN: The other writers are from Spain, Japan, Greece and India.


SHARI: We’re going to write for an international ezine, so we should find out more about different countries.






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