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Kid's Box 3 ( KB3 )

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Hello 重点词汇


1. one

2. two

3. three

4. four

5. five

6. six

7. seven

8. eight

9. nine

10. ten

11. eleven

12. twelve

13. thirteen

14. fourteen

15. fifteen

1 6. sixteen

17. seventeen

18. eighteen

19. nineteen

20. twenty

21. called

22. name

23. comic

24. lorry

25. bike

26. camera

27. monster

28. train

29. doll

30. computer

31. helicopter

32. kite

33. game

34. walking

35. talking to

36. jumping

37. sitting

38. standing

39. eating an apple

40. drinking orange juice

41. reading a book

42. riding a bike

43. driving a car

44. flying a kite

45. hitting a ball

46. kicking a ball

47. showing his school bag

48. playing a computer game

49. lock

50. key

51. detective

52. agency

53. message

54. fur

55. tail

Unit 1 Family matters 重点词汇


1. aunt

2. uncle

3. son

4. daughter

5. grandson

6. granddaughter

7. mother

8. father

9. sister

10. brother

11. parents

12. grandparents

13. grandma

14. grandpa

15. cousin

16. grandchildren

17. happy

18. sad

19. quiet

20. naughty

21. clever

22. funny

23. beautiful

24. playing a game

25. reading a book

26. playing football

27. painting a picture

28. taking a photo

29. having baths

30. doing different things

31. playing tennis

32. drawing a picture

33. making dinner

34. sleeping on the sofa

35. reading about science

36. needs a towel

37. eating

38. drinking

39. watching TV

40. wearing

41. listening

42. old

43. young

44. curly

45. straight

46. beard

47. moustache

48. fair

49. clean

50. dirty

51. make a cake

52. play basketball


Unit 2 Home sweet home 重点词汇


1. city

2. village

3. town

4. house

5. flat

6. basement

7. balcony

8. lift

9. floor

10. stairs

11. upstairs

12. downstairs

13. address

14. lamp

15. difficult

16. sofa

17. carry

18. carrying

19. move

20. moving

21. help

22. helping

23. take

24. taking

25. smile

26. smiling

27. climb

28. climbing

29. sit

30. sitting

31. need

32. road

33. street

34. twelve

35. twenty

36. thirteen

37. thirty

38. fourteen

39. forty

40. fifteen

41. fifty

42. sixteen

43. sixty

44. seventeen

45. seventy

46. eighteen

47. eighty

48. nineteen

49. ninety

50. home



Unit 3 A day in the life 重点词汇


1. wake up

2. get up

3. have a shower 

4. put on

5. get dressed

6. catch the bus

7. do homework

8. wash hands

9. take off

10. get undressed

11. go to bed

12. breakfast

13. lunch

14. dinner

15. before

16. after

17. Monday

18. Tuesday

19. Wednesday 

20. Thursday

21. Friday

22. Saturday

23. Sunday

24. always

25. sometimes

26. never

27. every day

28. ride a bike

29. watch TV

30. eat vegetables

31. eat fruit

32. drink orange juice

33. eat chocolate 

34. ride а horse

35. go swimming 

36. read comics

37. sing songs

38. play the piano

39. play tennis

40. play football

41. play badminton

42. listen to the radio



Unit 4 In the city 重点词汇


1. bank

2. bus station

3. cinema

4. library

5. market

6. sports centre

7. supermarket

8. swimming pool

9. make my bed

10. wear a skirt

11. go to school

12. do my homework

13. clean my shoes

14. play in the park

15. see a film

16. play badminton

17. buy food

18. get some money

19. catch a bus

20. see a doctor

21. fly a kite

22. swim

23. must

24. need

25. robber

26. look for


Unit 7 World of the animals 重点词汇



1. bear

2. bat

3. lion

4. whale

5. shark

6. dolphin

7. parrot

8. panda

9. kangaroo

10. fish

11. giraffe

12. elephant

13. tiger

14. crocodile

15. mouse

16. monkey

17. hippo

18. snake

19. longer

20. shorter

21. cleaner

22. smaller

23. quieter

24. louder

25.  weaker

26. quicker

27. slower

28. faster

29. younger

30. older

31. taller

32. stronger

33. thinner

34. hotter

35. sadder

36. bigger

37. fatter

38. easier

39. hungrier

40. uglier

41. naughtier

42. happier

43. dirtier

44. good - better

45. bad - worse

46. standing

47. sitting

48. hiding

49. swimming 

50. walking

51. climbing

52. office

53. wrong


Unit 8 Weather report 重点词汇



1. holiday 假期

2. weather 天气

3. sun-sunny

4. wind-windy

5. cloud-cloudy

6. rain-raining (rainy)

7. snow-snowing (snowy)

8. rainbow 彩虹

9. wet 潮湿的

10. dry 干燥的

11. cold 寒冷的

12. hot 炎热的

13. cool 凉爽的

14. warm 温暖的

15. a lot of = lots of 很多

16. today 今天

17. yesterday 昨天

18. am, is - was

19. are - were

20. was not = wasn't

21. were not = weren't

22. have fun 玩的开心

23. ready 准备好

24. coat 外套

25. hat 帽子

26. scarf 围巾

27. sweater 毛衣

28. boots 靴子

29. down wear 羽绒服

30. gloves 手套

31. mittens 连指手套

32. skirt 半裙

33. jeans 牛仔裤

34. T-shirt T恤衫

35. police station 警局

36. time 时间

37. ask him some questions 提向

38. electric guitar 电吉他

39. classical music 古典音乐

40. pop music 流行音乐

41. drums 鼓

42. flute 笛子

43. trumpet 小号

44. violin 小提琴

45. keyboard 电子琴

46. rice 大米

47. bean 豆子

48. lid 盖子






Kid's Box 3 Text ( KB3_Text )



8 页 2. Listen and check. 


Stella: Hi, everyone. This is my project. Here's my family tree. 

These are my parents, Mr and Mrs Star. And look, here are Grandma and Grandpa Star. 

They're my grandparents and they've got two children: a son and a daughter. 

Their son's my dad and their daughter's my Aunt May. 

I've got one aunt and one uncle: Aunt May and Uncle Fred. 

Aunt May's my dad's sister. 

Uncle Fred's my mum's brother. 

Grandma and Grandpa Star have got three grandchildren: one grandson, Simon, and two granddaughters, Suzy and me.



9 页 5. Listen and complete. 


Grandma Star's painting a picture of her _______. (granddaughter) 

Simon's playing football with his_______. (uncle) 

Mrs Star's reading a book to her ______. (daughter) 

Grandpa Star's taking a photo of his ______. (son) 

Stella's playing a game with her ______. (aunt) 

Mr and Mrs Star are Simon's _______. (parents)



16 页 2. Listen and check. 


Meera: We've got a new flat. We're moving from our house in the country to a flat in the town. 

Alex: Do you like living in the country? 

Meera: I love the country. At the moment I live in a small village. It's quiet and there are a lot of trees. 

Lenny: Has your house got a basement under the floor? 

Meera: Yes, it's full of boxes and old toys. 

Alex: And what about your new flat? 

Meera: Well, it hasn't got a basement or a garden, but it's got a beautiful balcony for my plants. 

Alex: Cool. What else?

Meera: The house in the village has got stairs to go up and down but the flat in the city is different. There are five floors so we go upstairs and downstairs in a lift! 

Lenny: Wow! I want to live in a flat.



26 页 1. Listen and say the letter. 


Stella wakes up at seven o'clock every day. 

Stella gets up. Stella has a shower.

Then Stella gets dressed. She puts on her skirt and her T-shirt. 

Stella catches the bus to school. Stella does her homework. 

Before dinner, Stella washes her hands. 

Stella gets undressed. She takes off her skirt and her T-shirt. 

Stella goes to bed at nine o'clock. 



26 页 3. Listen and do the actions. 


Have breakfast.

Go to bed.

Have lunch.

Put on your jacket.

Take off your shoes. 

Wake up. 

Have a shower. 

Put on your T-shirt. 

Get up. 

Wash your hands. 

Have dinner. 

Catch the bus.



28 页 9. Listen and say the day. 


Lenny: How often do you play in the park, Simon? Do you play every day? 

Simon: Well, no. I never play in the park on Mondays. 

Lenny: Yes, we always have lots of homework on Mondays. 

Simon: I sometimes play in the park after school on Wednesdays, but I sometimes go swimming with Dad. 

Lenny: And what about at the weekend? 

Simon: I always play in the park on Sundays. It's my favourite day. 

Lenny: Simon…What day is it today? 

Simon: It's Sunday! Let's go to the park!



29 页 12. Listen and say ‘yes' or ‘no'. 


1. James Flunk is a music teacher. 

2. He always plays the piano during his holidays. 

3. He never plays tennis on Wednesdays. 

4. He sometimes plays football with his daughter Jane. 

5. He takes his son to the swimming pool every Saturday morning. 

6. He always takes his family to the mountains on Sundays. 

7. They never sing songs in the car.



34 页 1. Listen. Find Meera's flat. 


Meera: Look at this map. My new flat's on it. 

Alex: Cool! Is there a sports centre near you? 

Meera: Yes, look. It's over there, next to the bus station. 

Simon: Wow! And there's a really big swimming pool behind it! 

Stella: Oh, look! Here's Park Road. There's a big library…Mmm. Lots of books there. 

Meera: Yes, that's next to the bank, Where my dad works. 

Lenny: Mmm. What's this, next to the cinema? 

Meera: That's the market. We get our fruit there. 

Alex: Oh, we go to the supermarket to get our food. 

Simon: Mmm…Food. Come on! Let's go for lunch. 

Alex and Lenny: Yeah, good idea, Simon. See you, Meera! See you,Stella! 

Meera: See you! 

Stella: So where is your flat, Meera? 

Meera: It's here, behind the park, next to the library. 



36 页 6. Look, think and answer. 


Narrator: The children are in the library, looking at books. 

Lenny: Look at this book, Stella! It's about football. 

Stella: Shh, Lenny! We are in the library. We must be quiet. 

Lenny: Oops, sorry. 

Lenny: Meera, look what I've got.

Meera: That's nice, Lenny. 

Lenny: It's about football! It's got lots of pictures of my favourite players! 

Meera: Shh, Lenny. You must be quiet in the library! 

Lenny: Sorry! 

Alex: Hey, Lenny. What have you got? 

Lenny: It's a book about football. 


Grandpa: Come on, everybody. It's five o'clock. We must go and catch the bus now. 

Lenny: OK, OK. Can we come back next week? 

Grandpa: Yes, I think so…but you must be quiet.



44 页 2. Listen and check. 


Aunt May: Good morning. How are you today, Stella? 

Stella: Oh, I'm not very well. I've got a cold. 

Aunt May: And you've got a cough. Have you got a headache. 

Stella: Oh, yes! My head hurts a lot, and I'm very hot. 

Aunt May: OK. Put this under your arm. Oh, yes. 39 degrees. You've got a temperature. So you must drink lots of water and orange juice. Now, what's the matter with you, Simon? 

Simon: My stomach hurts a lot. I don't want to eat. 

Aunt May: Have you got a toothache? 

Simon: No. 

Aunt May: I see,so…you've got a stomach-ache. Well, go to bed and don't eat any cake, sweets or chocolate today. 

Simon: Oh, I think I'm Ok now. Can I go and play? 

Aunt May: Hmm…



45 页 4. Listen and say the letter.


Girl: What's the matter?

Boy: Oh, I've got a headache. 

Boy: What's the matter with you? 

Two girls: We've got colds. 

Man: What's the matter with him? 

Girl: He's got a cough. 

Man: What's the matter with them? 

Girl: They've got a temperature. 

Woman: What's the matter with your grandfather? 

Boy: He's got a backache. 

Woman: What's the matter with your dad? 

Boy: He's got a toothache. 

Man: What's the matter with your grandmother? 

Girl: She's got a stomach-ache. 

Woman: What's the matter with your sister? 

Boy: He's got an earache.



46 页 8. Listen and check.


Grandpa: Oh, dear. What's the matter with Stella? 

Mrs Star: Hmm. She's got a temperature. Look, 39 degrees! 

Stella: Can I go to school, Mum? 

Mrs Star: No, you can't go to school today. 

Grandpa: Go to school! She mustn't go out! 

Stella: Can I get up? 

Mrs Star: No, sorry. You mustn't get up. 

Grandpa: You must stay in bed and put this blanket on you. 

Stella: Can I read? 

Mrs Star: Yes, you can read. And you must take this. 

Grandpa: Oh, how often must she take it? 

Mrs Star: She must take it after every meal for a week. 

Stella: A week?...Oh, no!



52 页 2. Listen and check.


Mr. Star: Look at this map of the countryside. Let's go there for a picnic on Sunday. We can take a big blanket and have our lunch on the ground. 

Grandpa: That's good idea! I like picnics. Ooh, there's a river here. I'd like to go fishing, 

Simon: And I'd like to go swimming. There's a lake near the river. 

Mr. Star: Ok, so you need to take a towel. 

Stella: Oh, look! There's a big forest. I want to look at some plants and draw their leaves. 

Suzy: Is there any grass to play on, Dad? 

Mr. Star: Yes, Suzy. Look at the map. There's green parts are fields. There's a lot of grass. 

Grandpa: Hmm, lots of grass and a blanket … That's great … for a nice sleep after lunch. Hmm.



54 页 7. Listen and check. 


Mr. Star: Ok, now, where shall I put the picnic table? 

Mrs. Star: Put it over there under that tree, please. 

Simon: I can't do this! 

Stella: Shall I help you put the blanket on the grass, Simon? 

Simon: Yes, please!



Simon's cold and hungry. He wants to eat.

Suzy's hot and thirsty. She want a drink.

Grandpa Star is catching a big fat fish. He's very strong.

Grandma Star's near the cows in the field. She's very quiet. She's drawing a baby cow. It's got thin legs and it's very weak.

Stella isn't happy because her drawing's bad.

Mr. Star's listening to the radio. His music is very loud.

Oh, yes! And finally, Mrs. Star. She's sleeping because she's very tired. 



62 页 2. Listen and check.


Stella: Ooh. ‘Animals of the world… Dolphins, whales and sharks live in the sea. Dolphins eat fish.' 

Simon: Yeah, and bears eat fish too. They eat everything-fish, fruit, plants, meat … Look at this one. It's big and strong. 

Stella: Yes, lions are strong too. They sleep a lot. 

Simon: Here's a kangaroo. It eats leaves. 

Stella: I like pandas.They're black and white, and they live in China. 

Simon: Wow! These small brown bats sleep in the day and get their food at night… They're really quick. They can eat 100 insects in five minutes. 

Stella: Oh, yuk. Here are Suzy's favourite animals. These parrots are beautiful. They're red, yellow, green, blue… 

Simon: And they talk a lot, too. Just like Suzy!



64 页 8. Listen and check. 


Lenny: We've got homework on animals today. 

Simon: Mmm, let's use the Internet. It's quicker than using a book. 

Lenny: Cool. Look at this elephant. It's bigger than all the other land animals in the world. 

Stella: Shall we look at another animal? Look at this. 

Lenny: A bat. 

Stella: It's much smaller than the elephant. It says that some bats are only four centimeters long. 

Lenny: The elephant is stronger – it says it can carry trees! 

Simon: And the elephant is much dirtier than the bat. Elephants like swimming in dirty rivers and lakes when it's hot. Just like Dotty!



71 页 4. Listen and match. 


Woman: It's time for today's weather report. 




Here in the mountains, it's snowing.

The birds aren't singing in the forest today because it's raining.

There's no sun on the island today. It's very cloudy.

At the lake, it's hot and sunny, so a lot of children are swimming.

It's a bad day for a picnic at the beach. It's very windy.

If you go to the fields, you can see a rainbow. Have a good day, wherever you are. 


Woman: Thank you, Thomas. Next, we are …



72 页 7. Listen and check. 


Alex: Hello?

Simon: Hello, Alex. Where are you?

Alex: Simon, hi! I'm at my aunt's house in the country. 

Simon: The country. Cool. Are you having fun? 

Alex: Yeah, it's great. Yesterday I was out all day. In the morning the weather was really bad. It was wet, cloudy and windy. 

Simon: What was the weather like in the afternoon? 

Alex: It was better in the afternoon, but it was cold. I've got a new sweater and scarf. 

Simon: That's nice. Alex: Yeah. They were a present from my aunt, but it isn't cold today and now I'm really hot.



72 页 8. Listen and say ‘yesterday' or ‘today'. 


1. In the morning the weather was really bad. 

2. He's at his aunt's house. 

3. It was wet, cloudy and windy. 

4. It isn't cold. 

5. He was out all day. 

6. He's really hot. 

7. The weather was better in the afternoon.








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