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Kid's Box 4 ( KB4 )

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Kid's Box 4 Text ( KB4_Text )



Hello P2

MR STAR: Hello there, everybody. We're the Stars. 

STELLA: Hello. I'm Stella and I'm ten. This is my Aunt May. She's a doctor, and I want to be a doctor too. 

SIMON: Hi. I'm Simon and I'm nine. This is my Uncle Fred. He's my mum's brother. He's a farmer. This is my favourite comic, Lock and Key. It's about two detectives. I want to be a detective. 

SUZY: Hello. I'm Suzy. I'm six. This is my grandfather, Grandpa
Star. He's funny. He knows lots of good games. I want to be funny

U1 P8

NARRATOR: Simon and Alex are in their Art class. They're
making bowls and they can't stop. They're busy. 

SIMON: Oooh. My bowl's terrible!

NARRATOR: Alex is careful and slow. His bowl's good. 

NARRATOR: Stella and Lenny are in their Maths lesson. Stella's
very happy because she loves Maths and thinks it's easy. Lenny
doesn't think Maths is easy. He thinks it's difficult. 

LENNY: I can't do this Maths problem. It's difficult. 

STELLA: Come on, Lenny. You can do it. It's easy.

U1 P10

NARRATOR: ... It's 73-72. What an exciting game! Meera's got
the ball and she's running with it. Meera's quick. The boy's slow. 

GIRL: This is really boring. I don't like basketball. 

SIMON: Hey! The school show's really exciting, Dad. 

MR STAR: Yes, it is ... and it's good to see your teachers. Who are
they all?

SIMON: Well, the man who's talking to Mum is my Maths teacher. He's called Mr Newton. 

MR STAR: Right. Is the man who's singing your Music teacher?

SIMON: No, he's Mr Burke, our sports teacher. Miss Flower's our
Music teacher. She's the woman who's wearing the long green
skirt. They do the 'After school club'. 

MR STAR: The 'After school club'? What's that?

SIMON: It's a new club where we can do lots of exciting things on
Thursday afternoons. ... And can you guess who my Art teacher is?

MR STAR: Ooh, Simon, that's difficult. Is it the woman who's
playing the guitar?

SIMON: Very funny, Dad. No, that's Mrs Robinson, our English
teacher. Our Art teacher's over there. He's the one who's
carrying the lorry. 

MR STAR: Is his name Mr Strong? Ha ha ha. 

SIMON: No, Dad. His name's Mr Turner. 

U2 P16

SIMON: Look, this is the new activity centre which is opening in
the village next to ours. 

SUZY: What does 'activity centre' mean?

SIMON: It's a place where you can learn to do lots of exciting
sports. Look. It's got rock climbing. I'd like to learn to climb. 

STELLA: Hmm. It's not nice when it's cold, wet and raining. 

SIMON: No, it's OK. They've got a climbing wall inside and outside. 

SUZY: Look! There's a lake too. 

SIMON: Yes, you can do water sports. You can learn to sail and
fish, and you can go swimming there when it's hot. 

SUZY: I don't want to sail or climb. What can I learn to do?

STELLA: Hmmm. Let's see. You can learn to skate, Suzy. 

SUZY: Hmm, skating. That's exciting, but I haven't got any

STELLA: That's OK. They've got skates at the centre. And they
do dancing. I can learn to dance.

U2 P18

MR STAR: Hello. 

GRANDPA: Hello, son. Where are you?

MR STAR: Hi, Dad. I'm inside, watching Simon and Alex. They're
climbing really well. Simon's climbing quickly and he's near the top
of the wall. Alex is climbing slowly and carefully. Where are you, Dad?

GRANDPA: I'm outside with Suzy. She's learning to skate. 

MR STAR: How's she doing?

GRANDPA: Well, she isn't doing badly. She doesn't want to fall, so
she's skating slowly. 

SUZY: Look at me, Grandpa! I can skate really well now, but I'm
tired. Let's go inside and watch Simon. 

GRANDPA: Good idea, Suzy. See you in a minute, son. We're
coming in now.

U3 P26 2. Listen and check. 

ALEX: You weren't at school last week, Simon. Where were you?

SIMON: I was at home because I wasn't well. 

ALEX: What was the matter?

SIMON: I was ill. Last Monday I had a temperature. It was 39

ALEX: Wow. What was the matter?

SIMON: I don't know. I drank lots of water, but on Tuesday I was
worse and I had a bad headache too. 

ALEX: Were you better on Wednesday?

SIMON: No, I wasn't. I had a terrible cough, so I saw the doctor. He gave me some medicine. 

ALEX: Were you better after you took the medicine?

SIMON: No, I wasn't. On Thursday I went to the hospital with
Mum and had some tests. 

ALEX: So, what was the matter?

SIMON: Er, I had a cold ..., but I wasn't ill on Friday afternoon. I
was fine! I ate a big dinner ... and then I had a really good

U3 P28 8. Listen and check. 

STELLA: I'm really tired this morning. 

MEERA: Really? Why? Were you awake all night?

STELLA: No, I had a terrible dream. 

MEERA: Oooh, what was your dream about?

STELLA: I was a doctor in a big hospital. I had a long white coat ... and I had lots of doctor's things, but I didn't have time to stop!

MEERA: Oh? How many people did you see?

STELLA: I saw lots. I saw a man who had a cough, but he didn't
have a temperature so I gave him some medicine ... And there was
a woman with a bad headache. And then, there was a girl who had a
bowl on her head!

MEERA: A bowl on her head! How did you take it off?

STELLA: It was really difficult, but in the end I took it off and ... do you know who was under the bowl?


STELLA: It was Suzy!

U4 P34 2. Listen and check. 

MR STAR: What did you do yesterday afternoon at the After
school club, kids?

SIMON: Well, first we helped Mr Burke. Alex and I cleaned the
chairs and then we carried them into the hall. 

MR STAR: And what did you do, Stella?

STELLA: I played chess with Meera and then we all started to
think about our school show. 

SIMON: Yes, Mr Burke wanted us to do a musical. We had to sing. And we danced!

MRS STAR: Did you dance, Simon?

SIMON: Well, I didn't dance, but I hopped, skipped and jumped
to the music ... and Meera and Stella laughed a lot. 

STELLA: Well, Simon, you were funny. Mr Burke watched us
dancing and listened to us singing, but then he stopped us!

MR STAR: So what now?

STELLA: Mr Burke doesn't want us to do a musical this year. 

SIMON: It's great! I don't have to sing and dance!

U4 P36 9. Listen and check. 

NARRATOR: It's Saturday morning and the children are going to
Alex's new flat. 

LENNY: Which floor does Alex live on?

STELLA: I think he lives on the fifteenth floor. 

SIMON: Wow, the fifteenth floor. That's exciting!

MEERA: Yeah, he says he can see the city from his bedroom
window. Oh, no! The lift isn't working!

LENNY: That's OK. There are some stairs. We can walk up. 

STELLA: Lenny, we have to walk up to the fifteenth floor!

SIMON: That's no problem. Lenny and I love climbing. Come on, Lenny. Let's see who gets there first!

LENNY: Yeah!

STELLA: First floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth
floor ... I'm so tired!

ALEX: Hello. What's the matter?

EVERYONE ELSE: The lift isn't working. 

ALEX: But it's only the fifth floor!

LENNY: Yeah, but we went up to the fifteenth floor because
Stella thinks you lived there!

ALEX: Well, it's good you didn't want to see my uncle. He lives on
the twentieth floor!

U5 P46 8. Listen and check

ALEX: Hi, Simon. Did you finish your homework yesterday?

SIMON: Yeah, I wrote about Shackleton. Who did you write

ALEX: Jacques Cousteau. He was a French explorer. Shackleton's
adventures were more difficult than Cousteau's, but I think
Cousteau is more famous. 

SIMON: Really. What did he do?

ALEX: He sailed in his ship, the Calypso, and explored sea life.

SIMON: But Shackleton's life was more exciting. Why was
Cousteau famous?

ALEX: Because he helped us to understand our world. He made 120
TV programmes and films and he was one of the first people to tell
us to be more careful with the sea. 

SIMON: Yeah, that's true. We have to look after our world. 

STELLA: Huh, our homework was more boring than theirs. 

LENNY: Yes, but ours was easier than theirs, so I had time to
watch TV after I finished mine. 


Unit 6 Page 52 2.Listen and check. 

GRANDMA: We want to buy a computer so we can use the
Internet. I'd like to email my old friend in Australia. 

SUZY: Do you know how to use a computer, Grandma?

GRANDMA: No, not really. Can you show us, please?

STELLA: Yeah, first you have to turn the computer on. Push this
button here. Then you have to turn on the screen. That's this
button here. Now you hold the mouse in your hand and ... 

GRANDMA: What mouse?

SUZY: This here, Grandma. It's called a mouse because it's got a
long tail. Look. 

GRANDMA: Oh, I see. 

STELLA: Then you click on this program, and you can write your

SIMON: OK. What do you want to do, Grandpa?

GRANDPA: I want to go on the Internet. I want to buy a DVD or a video about fishing. 

SIMON: You don't want a video, Grandpa. A DVD's better
because you can watch it on your new computer. Now, you need an
MP3 player, Grandpa. 

GRANDPA: No, Simon. Now I need a cup of tea. 

Unit 6 Page 54 7. Listen and check. 

GRANDPA: Oh, I'm tired today. We went shopping yesterday. 

SIMON: Oh, really? What did you buy?

GRANDPA: We bought a computer. 

SIMON: How exciting, Grandpa! Which computer did you get?

GRANDMA: We got a really good one. It's a KBX4. 

SIMON: Why did you choose that one?

GRANDPA: Well, we chose it because your grandma read about it
and the man in the shop said it was a good one. 

GRANDMA: Yes, he thought it was better than the others.

SIMON: Did you bring it home with you?

GRANDMA: Oooh, no. The nice man from the shop brought the
computer home later. 

GRANDPA: Yes, he took it out of the box, put it on the table and
said goodbye. 

GRANDMA: Yes, he thought that we knew something about
computers, but we don't. We don't know how to turn it on!

Unit 7 Page 62 2. Listen and check. 

MR BURKE: Welcome to the Kid's Box Quiz. Let's hear it for
these two clever kids in today's big final: Lenny and Stella. 

LENNY AND STELLA: Hello, Mr Burke. 

MR BURKE: Look at the animals on the wall behind me. Lenny, which do you think is the most exciting?

LENNY: Er, I think the most exciting animal is the tiger. 

MR BURKE: Great. Now tell us about tigers. You get five points for
each fact. 

LENNY: Well, the Siberian tiger's the biggest and the strongest
animal in the cat family. It's not the quickest cat, but it can run at
55 km an hour. The heaviest Siberian tiger weighed 465 kilograms. 

MR BURKE: Very good. That's 15 points. Now, Stella, which animal
do you think is the most beautiful, and what can you tell us about

STELLA: I think the most beautiful animal is the dolphin. It's one
of the cleverest animals and I also think dolphins are the best
parents - they look after their young for more than three years ... Erm ... oh, yes, and do you know that dolphins can't drink sea water?
They have to get water from their food. 

MR BURKE: Very good, Stella. That gives you 15 points. Now, put
your hands on the buttons. The quickest person to press the
button and answer the question correctly gets five points. Which
animal is the loudest in the world?

LENNY: Is it the elephant?

MR BURKE: Sorry, Lenny. It isn't. 

STELLA: Is it the blue whale?

MR BURKE: Yes, that's right, Stella. Five points for you. The blue
whale is the loudest animal in the world. And now for my next
question ...

Unit 7 Page 64 7. Listen and check. 

SUZY: Here's a picture for you, Mum. I drew it at the city zoo
before we came home. 

SIMON: Yes, Dad drove us there this morning. 

STELLA: It was great. We saw the dolphins. They swam round the
pool and jumped out of the water to eat fish from a man's hand. 

SUZY: Look, it's here in the picture. And we saw some baby lions, Mum. They ran in a big square cage, but their parents slept all day. 

STELLA: After we saw the lions, we went into the parrots' cage
and they flew round our heads. 

SUZY: They were the most beautiful animals. Dad bought me a toy
parrot. Look, it's over there on the table. 


SIMON: A parrot sat on Dad's head. It was really funny, but the
lizard was the best. It caught a fly. Ffphffkkk. And ate it for its

Unit 8 Page 70 2. Listen and check. 

NARRATOR: It's Simon's birthday. The grown ups are making
food for his party. 

MR STAR: Angelina, can you take a bowl of salad to the table, please?

MRS STAR: Yes. Can you pass me a bowl of cold pasta, too, please?

GRANDMA: What do you want me to do?

MR STAR: Er, could you put these cheese sandwiches on the table
please, Mum?

GRANDPA: Where's the lemonade, son?

MR STAR: There are some bottles in that box next to the door. 

MRS STAR: Who'd like a cup of tea?

GRANDPA: Oooh, no, thank you. But I am thirsty. I need a glass of

GRANDMA: Do you want a cheese sandwich too?

GRANDPA: Oh, no, thank you. I don't like party food. Bruce made some nice vegetable soup yesterday. I can have some of that later. 

GRANDMA: Hmm. Vegetable soup. Oh, no, dear. We had it for
dinner last night. We finished it all when you were out with your
friends. It was lovely. Now, would you like a cheese sandwich?

GRANDPA: Oooohhh ... yes, please.

Unit 8 Page 72 8. Listen and check. 

GRANDPA: And here we are at the Star House Birthday Race. The
explorer's first at the moment. He's jumping best. The clown's
jumping the most quickly, but not the most carefully. Oh, he's got
problems. I think he's falling. 

MR STAR: Oh, dear! He's going down!

GRANDPA: And the pirate and the robot are both trying to get
third place. Ooh, this is very exciting. And the doctor's jumping
the worst, but she's laughing the most. The artist is jumping the
most slowly, but she's doing very well. 

MR STAR: Er, she isn't jumping, Dad. She's walking. 

GRANDPA: Hmm! She's doing very well. She has got the shortest







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